Chad Lieber Discussions on Lethal Internet Marketing Mistakes Law Firms Make

April 18, 2018

‘Law firms are making all kinds of mistakes whenever it comes to social media and digital marketing,’ says Chad Lieber. ‘It is important that they get it right so that they can harness the benefits of the web.’The mistakes being made can easily be rectified if the firm is willing to get down to business.

One of the mistakes law firms make is to assume that they do not need to have an online presence. ‘Not only is it important, it is absolutely imperative!’ says Mr. Lieber. It is common knowledge that most people will first look online before going out to see a lawyer. If the firm does not have online presence and a strong presence at that, they will be missing out on many potential clients.

Another mistake is to advertise how much you charge for billable hours. Getting stuck with a particular rate can actually break you since the various circumstances surrounding the cases you handle can and often do alter fees. Something that sounds straightforward such as writing a will can end up taking lots of time and plenty more effort than what you had initially thought.

One of the key components of marketing is networking. That is why it is a mistake to allow your ABA (American Bar Association) membership to lapse. Some of the very best networking opportunities can be found at the State and National meetings of the ABA. You should also make sure to note your ABA membership on your social media pages.

Another mistake commonly made by firms that are doing well financially is that they ignore Pro Bono work mostly because they are busy. Not only is pro bono work good for marketing, but it is also an excellent way to solidify public relations. It is something that you should make sure to mention on your social media pages as well.

If you are going to take advantage of digital marketing, you cannot be ignorant of keywords and Search Engine Optimization. One of the major mistakes made by law firms is that they do not take the time to lay out an SEO strategy. Instead, they outsource this component leaving themselves at the mercy of others.

Your website should represent you well, which means that the pictures you put up should look good and you should be dressed up for them. The same applies to any pictures of your office staff both on the site and social media pages. Dressing sharp will impress judges, clients and others.

Not having a good video on the website is another epic fail by most law firms. This should not be an amateur job but a professional one. The video should show case the work that you do, the kind of cases that you handle, and how you can be of service. It may also be a good idea to have a dedicated YouTube channel where you can have a series of videos talking about your services and the kinds of cases you handle. Not only will it improve your Google rankings, but it will also foster trust.

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Chad Lieber has for more than a decade worked as a web developer and online reputation management consultant. He is known as an experienced and knowledgeable Search Engine Optimization consultant and strategist in in-house Reputation Management. He is rated a “Top USA SEO Expert”. 

Chad’s skills, efforts and resourcefulness are currently focused on Reputation Management as he works for a wide array of independent clients. He has a reputation for delivering consistent top rankings in all the main search engines. He does so using technologies that maximize accessibility and usability of the large websites that he develops and optimizes. He points out the problems and their solutions, which in turn brings cost savings to the company.

Improving and enhancing operational performance and web-based environments are something that Chad is known for. He develops tracking and analysis systems as well as Reputation Management friendly e-commerce applications, which are related to search engine placement and web traffic trends. He is driven by a need to improve on technologically advanced systems and simplify them as well.

Some of the companies that he has worked for either as an employee or a consultant include Lite coin Inc.,, Golden Pear Funding,, Verizon Wireless,, Trolman Glaser Lichtman, Cellino Barnes,,,, Search & Social Media,, Cohen's Fashion Optical, Golden Pear Funding, Sports Illustrated and PGA/PGA Tour just to mention a few. In the Reputation Management community he participates in various forums and is well respected. Learn more at  

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